Glueing & Soldering

After all panels are drilled I took some of them on my summer vacations. I used the early hours in the mornings to start finalizing the panels. To finish one out of the 48 panels I need one hour which means that I have to make the production more effective. The process is like this:

  1. Glue all the LEDs on the panel.
  2. Pre-solder all 6 pads of one LED with solder
  3. Cut copper wires to the length
  4. Solder the middle DATA coper wire and cut it
  5. Solder the GND and the VCC wire
  6. Add Connectors

There are two different sizes of Panels. Some with 32 some with 36 LEDs. In total it means:

9600 pads to solder
1600 LEDs to glue
500 gramm solder
200 meter of copper wire
192 connectors
96 cups of coffee
48 panels
4 bottles of glue

Soldering in Spain
Adding copper wires
One final panel