As part of the “Maker” community which is since 2011 more and more active in Germany Mike’s goal is to develop individual pieces of art without using expensive  solutions dedicated to the problem. The emphasize is on the interaction with the observer. Beside realizations in the area of LightArt there are a bunch of other technical “Things” developed which are completely new, extending existing commercial solutions or even replace them.

The combination of technology, interaction and art is part of his “Makes” since years. Several music projects e.g. Dub productions as part of the producer team BMD and concerts gave him the opportunity to present and integrate parts of his work.

In January 2016 he was member of the German Snow-Sculpting Team “Black Forest” and went to Whitehorse, Canada. He was responsible to equip the sculpture with the worldwide first interactive light installation. The observer was able to interact with the Sculpture using a biometric sensor.

The current project “DeinBlau” will be on exhibition at the Museum am Lindenplatz, Weil am Rhein, Germany until summer 2017.