DeinBlau Pictures Online

Pictures from todays museum opening are available for download. Impressive 407 pictures were saved. Hope you noted down the number of your picture. Check out the “Bilder Herunterladen” section and have your own blue on your mobile or desktop.

Blautöne in the News

The two local newspapers “Badische Zeitung” and “Weiler Zeitung” came with an article about the exhibition
I will replace this image with the online version as soon as I get it.

Finalization Phase…and lots of unexpected work

This was the first try. I was not happy with this one since the textile covering the panels was too close.
Also the sides are not straight…
So we added 10cm more distance.
The first test with a piece of textile was promising…
Wow, here we go!
The two foot switches are also in place now. Right is for freezing the image, left for saving.

Web-Interface to download Pictures finalized!

Only some days left before the museum opens the doors. I planned to allow visitors to download their pictures. The missing scripts are finalized now but the functionality is still blocked. Visitors will be able to download their pictures at the end of the month. The download section will provide several sizes of the pictures. Here’s an example of a iPhone/Android wallpaper created by DeinBlau at the museum. Particles look so pretty aren’t they? Hope you like it…


The web-interface is not very fancy, but hey – it works. Hope to see nice mobile and desktop backgrounds in the future :). Since I expect lot’s of German visitors I named the menu item above “Bilder Herunterladen” which means download pictures in English.


Beside some minor soldering issues and a defective connector most of the wall is working. After replacing two defective LED’s and one defective connector a failing row drove me crazy. As you can see in the picture below I forgot to solder one wire. This causes a whole row not working. This was sporadic. Then I found it:


Power Supply

Here some pictures of the three power supplies for the wall. Each is rated at 5V 40A – So theoretically they consume up to 600 Watts. One of the power supply produces noticeable noise. Not sure at the moment if this is because one of the coils is loose or if the supply is defective. At least the voltage and current provided is stable.